Alumni Care

At Hutton, we are aware of the challenges of aftercare in the child welfare system. With staggering statistics of high drop-out rates, substance abuse and incarceration with former foster children, we recognize the importance of guidance and support into adulthood. Every resident who graduates from high school at the Hutton Settlement is kept on the caseload for services for at least one year following graduation. Graduates also qualify for sizable college scholarships and can access life coaching, independent living assistance, and transitional housing as needed throughout their lives.

Our success with our alumni is evidenced by their comparatively high rates of college and career achievement, their continued positive engagement with the Hutton community, and their commitment to providing a healthy and secure home for their own children. Ultimately, our success lies in their desire and ability to live an independent and fulfilled life of value and contribution. Hutton is committed to providing a wider circle of care by creating and maintaining strong connections and support to both parents and former residents. We believe that our integrated and expanded care system is an innovative model of inclusive residential care for families in the 21st century.

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Highlighting Our History and Commitment

We aren’t just a place to live, but rather a neighborhood of care, providing opportunities for growth and development for children residing with us. Stay connected and see what’s going on at Hutton Settlement!