There are numerous internal and external assets that need to be present in youth in order for them to thrive. At Hutton, we strive to provide a holistic model of education and activity to provide and foster these assets and complement our children’s public school learning in the West Valley School District. With collaboration from school educators and university tutors, we engage our students in one-to-one relationships that assist them with academic success. Additionally, we recognize the need for healthy activity and exploration. Our full- time youth development coordinator utilizes our campus art studio, gym, swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, baseball field, beach volleyball court, barn, garden, nature trail, and large central terrace, to provide numerous enrichment opportunities at Hutton for both structured and creative play.


Academic progress is supported through our life skills development program for all high school residents. The developmental program includes independent living skills training, personal assessments, relationship and career coaching, employment exploration and obtainment and significant college scholarship awards. College and career support through life coaching and case management continues for all graduating residents up to age 24.

Highlighting Our History and Commitment

We aren’t just a place to live, but rather a neighborhood of care, providing opportunities for growth and development for children residing with us. Stay connected and see what’s going on at Hutton Settlement!