The Hutton Settlement admissions process involves initial screening, campus tour, information gathering and formal placement decision.  The process of placement can range from one week to three weeks depending on available information and urgency of need.  The criteria for placement includes the following:

We recognize that some children have understandably developed survival behaviors related to exposure to abuse, neglect and other forms of trauma in their young lives. These outward behaviors may include lying, stealing, hoarding, wetting, isolation, compulsive agreement, dependency and mild aggression. The Hutton Settlement staff maintain continuous training in understanding the core reasons for these various behaviors and how to address them in a home environment. In the placement process, these challenging behaviors are evaluated to determine their severity and whether they can be effectively managed in our setting as relationships are developed.

Child shall be between the ages of five and 14 years of age. Special consideration for children over the age of 14 may be allowed depending on the level of need and circumstance.

Child shall be in need of out-of-home care for a minimum of nine months.

Child shall be willing to participate in a one-month initial placement, and partake in the minimum expectations of daily life, to include consistent school attendance and observance of cottage schedules.

Child shall not have a significant diagnosed developmental disability or mental illness that warrants specialized care according to a mental health professional.

Child shall not have a history of unsolicited patterns of physically aggressive behaviors that are intended to repeatedly harm others.

Child shall not have a history of sexually aggressive behavior towards others, or a history of compulsive sexual acts including forced exposure, public stimulation, or sexually explicit threats.

Highlighting Our History and Commitment

We aren’t just a place to live, but rather a neighborhood of care, providing opportunities for growth and development for children residing with us. Stay connected and see what’s going on at Hutton Settlement!