25 Jul Hutton Settlement 2015 Annual Report

A beautiful, welcoming picturesque setting of cottages, an auditorium, baseball field, tennis court, pool, and a
massive historic barn lies amidst 320 spacious acres that are impeccably manicured. If you listen closely, you
might hear the comforting sounds of children’s voices excitedly resonating across the grounds—the voices of
our next generation.
Hutton Settlement takes pride in their successful effort to sustain Levi W. Hutton’s legacy through 94 years
bringing the Settlement successfully into the 21st Century. Gratitude for this thriving and unique home is given
to the man who himself was an orphan and then realized his dream by establishing a home for children of a
similar background. This “best kept secret” of Spokane valley is nonsectarian, and accepts no government
funding, a phenomenal challenge in our modern day economics. However, an endowment left by Mr. Hutton
along with the many generous contributions from you and many other friends and benefactors enable our institution
to maintain it’s non-profit independence.
I take this opportunity to thank all of you. To all of you who believe and give hope to our children so they,
too, may have the foundation and opportunities needed for a loving childhood. Your heartfelt generosity cannot
be matched.
We offer assurances to you, our benefactors and friends, that our staff is stellar. The high level of education
and life experiences and their love for their adopted family of children is exceptional. The staff ’s longevity at
Hutton is a sought after gift to our children who so welcome the stability in their lives. The Board of Trustees,
comprised of twenty-one women with no term limits, remains as Hutton himself instituted in 1919. Our Executive
Directors total only three since 1920. This is stability.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, every day, when one of ours holds a report card up with elation
of improving marks; or walks across the high school stage waiving a diploma and with plans and dreams for
continued education; or one expressing thanks for all Hutton provides for them because they are realizing they
are more fortunate than others.
Being a part of Hutton Settlement has given me more than I could ever give back. It is a haven filled with opportunities
for children who genuinely love and appreciate their given life. So we thank you for your generosity and love
for our 30+ children. You have made a difference.
With Appreciation,
Amy Bragdon
Board of Trustees