25 May Memorial Day Traditions

Flashback Friday at Hutton Settlement also takes us to the Father’s Day following the death of Levi Hutton in 1928. The Settlement’s Boy Scout troop and Campfire girls led a graveside service of remembrance at Fairmont Cemetery. Over the years, Memorial Day visits to the Hutton plot have lent a sense of heritage to generations of Hutton children.

Fast forward to today (yesterday evening) when some of our children spent time paying tribute to Levi and May Hutton at the gravesite at Fairmont.

Our current and past Executive Directors, Chud Wendle and Mike Butler also visited the gravesites of “Baby Jane” (Hutton’s first resident), past administrators, donors and alumni of the Hutton Settlement.

We wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.1928Children at the Hutton plotChud Wendle and Mike Butler