28 Feb Students Compete in Olympia Mock Trials

During President’s Day weekend, a handful of our teenagers traveled to Olympia for the 4-H Know Your Government Conference. For the past five weeks, the children have been learning about our Judicial System and prepared for the mock trials held at the Thurston Country Court House. Each student was assigned a designated role from within the Judicial System. Roles included defense attorneys, jury members, judges, witnesses and reporters. The children worked very hard all day in groups with other students from Washington state pursing the Judicial System.

There were eight different trials going on at the Thurston County Court House where students performed the mock trials in front of real-life attorneys and Washington State Judges! After the hard work, the night ended with a Legislative Dinner, with numerous Legislators and Representatives in attendance. Representative Bob McCaslin was at one of our tables and enjoyed getting to know some of our children!

The students also got to tour the Capital and the Temple of Justice. During our tour, we got to meet and hear from Justice Mary E. Fairhurst. Learning about how the Supreme Courts works gave our children a whole new outlook on how the different courts work in Washington. After meeting with Justice Mary E. Fairhurst, we toured the Law Library.

As a group, we also did community service for Embrace Washington. We decorated duffel bags for foster children so we can help eliminate the use of trash bags for when children move. We even got to spend time with our Alumni, Mike Golekee, who is currently in the United States Army!

The weekend was full of learning and fun. We had the chance to meet so many wonderful and influential people.This was a weekend that our children won’t forget and can’t wait to come back next year!
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