Alumni Update – Grace

February 3, 2020

We checked up with Hutton alum Grace on campus at Eastern Washington University and got to see how her second quarter was starting off!

Grace graduated from West Valley High School in 2017 and had completed her first two years of college through Running Start at EWU by the time she graduated. Her first official quarter at EWU proved to be a little challenging, stating it left her “thankful and exhausted”. She initiated herself straight into the dorm life by becoming skilled at cooking the perfect pizza bites in the microwave.

Transition to living on campus was a little stressful – a common theme for college freshmen. Jumping out of the comfort zone of home and being surrounded by family and friends is always a little scary and Grace climbed over the obstacle and encouraged herself to welcome the changes in order to get the full college experience.

“When move in day arrived, I was far from excited, but managed to push along and get settled in. Soon after, I met my roommate who I was matched with via dorm applications and surveys. Meeting the person I would have to suddenly live with was overwhelming… It was hard at first, but I realized it wasn’t any different than when a kid moved in at Hutton. I simply gained another so-called sister that is now my roommate.”


Declaring her Music major was a bit of a challenge in itself, as she needed to pass a placement audition in order to declare. Many students in that major have been taking classes in the field since they were young. Grace participated in choir groups, but had limited understanding of the basics of music. She had to buckle down and take on extra studying – making flash cards, getting help from teachers, attending master classes and recitalsand doing what it took to learn the basic key concepts she would need to pass the placement exam.

Grace was accepted into the Music major with outstanding reviews. Now she could relax and focus on the entire college experience. She made new friends, joined the Christian-based club, Cru, and found new study partners and fellow coffee lovers to spend time with.

Her second quarter is filled with music classes including music theory, vocal jazz, opera, and many more. She is beaming with confidence and is excited about the path she’s on.

We couldn’t be more proud of you, Grace! Keep it up!




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