A Lifestyle of Serving

Full-time employees receive a monthly salary and an extensive benefit package including:

  • Medical, dental and life insurance
  • 401(K) retirement plan
  • 10 days paid vacation after first year (15 days after 5 years)
  • 6 paid holidays and 2 “personal” days
  • Personal educational and training fund
  • Group membership at local YMCA health club
  • Room and board on our beautiful 319 acre campus (for designated positions)
  • Whether you work directly with the children in a cottage or provide a supportive role, your knowledge, experience and passion can be shared to make a difference in the life of a child!

Houseparenting at Hutton

Houseparents are at the center of Hutton’s mission and impact.

Houseparents are an integral part of both a child’s day their entire lives, modeling grace, patience and compassion. Those serving live on our historical campus with six to eight children, either boys or girls, providing care around the clock.

Responsibilities include duties in health and wellness and family management, providing a nurturing environment and supportive relationships for children in residence. This role is highly rewarding and sometimes daunting, but houseparents don’t do it alone thanks to our established support network. For position specifics, please see the complete houseparent job description .

There are many tangible benefits for those that choose to serve at Hutton – a home, competitive salary, insurance coverage and a community.

It’s the intangibles – like helping children love again – that make serving as a houseparent so special.

Service Compensation

We offer competitive compensation to allow you to meet basic financial needs and focus entirely on the children’s needs.

Healthcare Coverage

Team members choose between three healthcare plans and are offered dental and life insurance.

Leadership Development

Continuous attachment-based relationship training and coaching are offered with weekly on-site self care support. Leadership renewal and emotional intelligence consultation are available to all staff.

Full-Time Housing

Houseparents live in cottages while on-duty and are also provided the option of on-campus housing while off.

Paid Time Off

We are committed to making sure houseparents have time for self-care and recuperation. Vacation days are paid.

Community Living

Houseparents are welcomed into our designed resilient community focused on social well-being, shared leadership and sustainable living on a 319-acre campus. Cottage families are integrated into the larger campus community through shared meals, daily activities and special celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Houseparents are at the center of Hutton’s mission and impact. Houseparents are an integral part of both a child’s day their entire lives, modeling grace, patience and compassion. Those serving live on our historical campus with six to eight children, either boys or girls, providing care around the clock.
Houseparents rotate from Monday to Monday and Thursday to Thursday, receiving a few days off between rotations.
The houseparents are the core of our mission at Hutton. Their daily mentoring and patient parenting is mixed with duties that include meal preparation, educational assistance, and emotional attunement with each child. Houseparents are the relational models of strength, kindness and commitment at the Hutton Settlement.
Yes. Many houseparents come to us with their own children when making a vocational shift. We welcome them as part of the larger Hutton family.
All houseparents are initially trained in attachment-based parenting and receive continuous formal coaching and consultation in relational attunement. Additional training in emotional intelligence development, CPR/First Aid, and de-escalation techniques are provided annually. Our on-site leadership renewal program is available to all staff for leadership development.
Houseparents receive a salary and full benefits that include room and board on our beautiful 319-acre campus. Houseparents may also choose to participate in our matching retirement program, and engage in the many on and off-campus experiences provided to both staff and children.
A support team is assigned to each cottage to provide respite, family time, and rest as needed. There is always someone to offer assistance in time of need. Additionally, houseparents are provided weekly self-care opportunities on site to assist with personal renewal and restoration.
Houseparents on duty reside in a single room with a private staff bathroom within the cottage. When off-duty, houseparents are provided a studio or two-bedroom apartment in our administration building on campus.
Yes. Houseparents may bring one dog to campus as long as it meets health and safety criteria. We believe dogs provide the children a safe, healing companion.

Current Openings & Apply Now

** While we currently don't have any open positions, we always accept applications and inquiries for the role of Houseparenting. If you think you might be interested, please submit the form below to be contacted when there is an opening. **


Position: Relief Houseparent

Position Description

Definition: In accordance with the Hutton Settlement values, mission and vision, serves as a team-based parental figure within a cottage family unit. Provides a nurturing environment and supportive relationships for children in residence.

Supervisor: Campus Director
Schedule: Full-time (8 days on, 3 days off): Houseparents must reside on-campus during shifts




  • Responsible for the development of resonant relationships with each assigned child, exercising major responsibility for the development of earned security and social- emotional growth through attachment-based parenting methods. Counsels children to alleviate and address personal and family difficulties.
  • Participates in Circle of Security parent consultations and related development practices for personal awareness and growth
  • Promotes a sense of belonging for children in care through active participation in campus and community engagement activities.
  • Teaches and encourages assigned children in the development of good habits and values through the implementation of a balanced cottage program, including clear expectations and approved discipline according to the agency discipline policy and primary houseparents’ cottage plan.
  • Plans, supervises, and participates in the daily activities of cottage children including social/ leisure time, recreation, chores, school, and spiritual activities.
  • Teaches health principles, and monitors and directs children’s personal hygiene. Prepares balanced, nutritional meals for assigned children.
  • Monitors children’s medical and dental needs to include documentation of medication given. Assists with attendance at children’s counseling, medical, or dental sessions as needed.


  • Assists with the planning and implementation of weekly menu plan.
  • Implements housekeeping program as defined by the primary houseparents, with the assistance of age appropriate children for the development of a healthy work ethic and responsibility. Maintains standards of cottage cleanliness daily.
  • Promotes sense of community contribution with children in care through assistance with maintaining the exterior grounds around the cottage and within determined areas of responsibility on campus.
  • Assists with inventories and inspects entire cottage regularly, reporting all deficiencies to the Campus Director for replacement or repair. Conducts monthly fire drills.
  • Organizes, encourages, assists, and supervises children’s educational activities within the cottage. Supports children in finding and expressing their gifts. Refers assigned children for remedial education as needed.
  • Serves as a member of the houseparent team to assist with cottage decision-making and promote clear, consistent communication.
  • Maintains healthy, supportive relationships and connections with children’s family and professional staff.
  • Participates in staff conferences, in-service training programs, case meetings of children, and unit meetings as directed.
  • Additional duties as determined by supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent degree. College degree preferred.
  • Two years of experience working or living with children and/or families.
  • Willingness to live full-time in an intentional community setting.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter via the webform below. Please email any questions to [email protected].


  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.

Interested in volunteering?

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