The Hutton Settlement is a home for kids between the ages of ages 5 and 18 that nurtures, educates and prepares children who are in need of a safe and healthy home.

In some situations we do, but in most cases parents or guardians maintain guardianship, serving as “permanency partners” in the care of the child.

A placement is for a minimum of one year. Hutton Settlement exists to provide long-term stability for children from families in chronic crisis or need. Exceptions may be made for shorter stays, based on need.

No. The Hutton Settlement is not an adoption-placing agency.

Hutton Settlement operates independently from government funding.

The cost of placement of children residing at Hutton Settlement Children’s Home is paid for by an endowment established by our founder, Levi Hutton, as well as real estate investments and public and private donations made by those who desire to participate in the financial support of our children. No child is turned away because of a parent or family’s inability to financially contribute.

The Hutton Settlement receives children from five to 14 years of age. Once received, children are able to reside at Hutton until high school graduation. Exceptions may be made for children over 14 years of age.

The Hutton Settlement Campus is located on more than 300 beautiful acres in the Spokane Valley. Children live in one of four large homes with 6-7 other children. We have two homes dedicated for girls and two homes dedicated for boys.

The children attend public school in the West Valley School District, and receive tutoring services from University students.

Many of our children have been diagnosed with mental health issues, including reactive attachment disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and attention deficit disorder. Children with highly disruptive social behavioral disorders are rarely successful in the group care environment of the Hutton Settlement, thus placement is often discouraged.

Parent and guardian contact is a critical component in providing partnered care for all children placed at Hutton. Standard visitation involves two weekends per month, but may vary depending on the health and safety of the home, and the ability of the parent or guardian to provide care. Extended visits of one to two weeks occur during holidays and summer break. Our Director of Children and Family Services functions as the family liaison, facilitating visitation and providing consistent contact and updates regarding the child’s progress.

The majority of the Hutton staff have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in child welfare fields including psychology, education and social work. Hutton prides itself in employing a diverse staff, including young professionals, experienced parents, and even former residents. All house parent staff receive ongoing Circle of Security attachment training and therapeutic consultation. Every staff member undergoes a background check prior to their hire at Hutton Settlement.

Yes. We recognize that many of the children are dealing with attachment, grief and loss, or trauma-related issues, therefore weekly therapeutic services are available as needed. Psychological assessments and medication evaluations are available as recommended.

There is a daily campus activity scheduled with activities ranging from soccer to yoga. Hutton provides on-campus character education programs to include SALUTE, a service and leadership club, Odyssey, a team-based outdoor adventure club, and Journeys, a creative arts program for all kids. Current residents are involved in a variety of off-campus activities including ballet, martial arts, Young Life, West Valley athletics and band. The Hutton campus has tennis courts, basketball courts, a swimming pool, a 2-mile hiking trail, a baseball field, playground equipment, an art studio, a music room, and a gymnasium to promote healthy activity.

No. Hutton Settlement is non-sectarian.

Yes. We go to great lengths to keep families together. Many of our children have siblings also residing at Hutton.

No child will be placed at Hutton without their consent.

Yes. We highly encourage outside employment to better prepare the resident for career development. Our Youth Development Coordinator assists all high school residents with resume building, interview preparation and job searches.

All staff are trained in the Circle of Security, by Dr. Kent Hoffman ( We focus on attuned connections and relationships. Corporal punishment is prohibited.

Children can bring personal items that are important in maintaining normalcy and comfort. Children often bring pictures, toys, electronics, books, and other items to create a personalized space and to continue the pursuit of personal hobbies or interests. Unfortunately, kids cannot bring their own pets, but many of the campus homes have a “cottage” dog.

Most go off to college or technical school, and all are provided life skills training, college and career preparation and support for that next step well before they graduate. The Hutton Settlement “parents into adulthood”. With ongoing guidance and counseling services, frequent invitations for dinner or special events, and consistent contact and follow up from staff, alumni are well connected to Hutton throughout their life. We also use the SET (Social, Emotional and Talent development) program as well as provide life coaching and case management up to age 24.

If you still have questions about Hutton Settlement Children’s Home, feel free to contact us at 509-926-1027 and speak to our Director of Children & Family Services.

Contact the Hutton Settlement at 509-926-1027, and speak with our Campus staff to learn more about the process, timeline and how to proceed.

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