Buy a Brick, Leave a Legacy

April 12, 2024

Celebrate a new chapter with us! By purchasing a commemorative brick, you become a permanent piece of Hutton Settlement's newly constructed administration addition. Bricks will used to compliment the building in a patio overlooking our property to the west. You can choose to have your brick engraved with your family name, business name/logo, a loved one's name or even a favorite phrase, etc.


For more information about the project, how to get involved or on ordering, please reach out to Jessie Laughery at [email protected] or 509-552-0197. 

We'd like to recognize all those that have contributed to the project and purchased bricks to date.

$50,000 and Above

Hayden Homes

Marie Lamfrom Charitable Trust

MJ Murdock Charitable Trust

Ruth Jensen Fund

The Anjulicia Foundation

Washington Trust Bank

William H. Cowles Foundation

Younkin Estate

$1,000 - $50,000

Alliant Insurance Services

Altek, Inc.

ASC Building Products

Betsy Cowles

BlueScope Foundation

Bonnie Morrow

Bourekis Family

Brazil Family

Buzz & Marta Nielsen

Carol Collins

Carol Wendle

Carol Wilson

Catherine Rafferty

Challenger Pipe & Steel

Chris Stacey

Chud Wendle

Clay Randall

Concordia Masons

Connie Stacey

Copeland Architecture

Craig & Pauline Soehren

Dan & Anne Alsaker

David Coombs

Dennis & Sarah Beemer

Diana Becker

Dickinson Family

Dooley Family

Ed & Toni Caferro

Eve Stacey

Frem & Marta Nielsen

Frank & Barbara O'Neill

Garber Family

George Renner

Glen Satre

GoJoe Patrol

Gordon Hester

Grant & Dixie Person

Hammett Family Gift Fund

Harry Sladich

Heath Family

Innovia Foundation

James Cowles

Jamie Griffith & Dena Fradette

Jerry & Dorie Berger

Jim & Jodi Burke

Jim & Renee Rigsby

Jim Hawley & PJ Watters Hawley

John Tonani

Joy & Wayne Atwood

Karstetter Family

Kevin & Katy Blair

Kris & Chris Mikkelsen

Larry Brown

Larry Sorensen

Leanne Ager

Leilani & Don Ellingsen

Lisa McGill-Vargas

Major Bambino

Marilyn Stocker

Mark & Tara Patrick

Marlee Griffith & John Morrow

Mary Jane Corliss

Mick & Valorie Buller

Mike & Linda Jensen

Mike & Stacy Covey

Missy Willis

Mutual Materials

Pete & Denise Stanton

Peter & Maggie Bentley

Poutiatine Family

Randy & MeLisa Hurst

Rekofke Family

Resource Synergy

Rob Blume

Roger & Amy Bragdon

Sandy & Michelle Riggs

Shawn & Sandi O'Kert

Shelly O'Quinn

Sheryl & Mark Ossello

Spokane Valley Sunrise Rotary

Stephanie Aden

Steve & Jan Boots

Steve & Rene Goebel

Steve & Theresa Helmbrecht

Sue Eugster

Susan Horton

Systems Technologies

Teresa & Scott Hatter

Terry & Janet Goebel

The LeFriec Family

Tim & Beth Merck

Tom & Jullie Lennon

Tom & Kelly Quigley

Tom Kasson

Tom Williams

Ty & Amy Barbery

Umpqua Bank

Wheatland Bank

William & Nancy Henry

William Stifter Family

Highlighting Our History and Commitment

We aren’t just a place to live, but rather a neighborhood of care, providing opportunities for growth and development for children residing with us. Stay connected and see what’s going on at Hutton Settlement!

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