Sustainability Education at Hutton

January 18, 2019

This week, the children took a field trip to the Waste to Energy Plant, to learn about waste reduction, composting and to see the process that the plant takes to turn garbage into energy.

We learned that Spokane’s plant is the only one of it’s kind in Washington state and that the South Pole Science Center even ships their trash to us to turn into energy, instead of filling land fills.

The kids learned about the negative results of producing waste, how to use food scraps for compost and to feed their chickens and future goats, and most excitingly, they got to see “The Claw” scooping up large piles of garbage.

The SALUTE Center for Ecoliteracy is learning about sustainable living and in addition to their efforts on the Hutton garden, they will now be composting food, in an effort to reduce waste and lessen their footprint on the environment.

We can’t wait to see what the Culinary Arts club cooks up this year! 

Highlighting Our History and Commitment

We aren’t just a place to live, but rather a neighborhood of care, providing opportunities for growth and development for children residing with us. Stay connected and see what’s going on at Hutton Settlement!

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