High School Students Prepare for Mock Trial in Olympia

February 14, 2019

Our high schoolers are continuing their preparations for Mock Trial in Olympia this month. On Monday night, Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney, Larry Haskel came out to give the students a glimpse of what it’s like to be on the prosecuting side and gave them some great advice for their trial. Mr. Haskel discussed the importance of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and what exactly that means for a trial, while also going through the steps involved when brought in for a case.

The students were given a practice case that they would work through that night and Mr. Haskel guided them through the process. He advised on opening statements, tactics for the defense and revisited (as Judge Clary and Mr. Rigsby had) the importance of being on a jury. Following his presentation, the students went to the gym, where their trial had been setup and they proceeded to work through their case. They studied in groups to prepare for the practice round and came to the tables prepared and eager to show off their hard work.

Mock Trials in Olympia are coming up next week and we have no doubt these kids will shine!

Highlighting Our History and Commitment

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