11 Nov Hope & Wholeness: A Parent’s Story

My name is Jobe, I am a proud father of seven beautiful children and it gives me great honor to say that five live
in the blessed security of Hutton Settlement. However, this was not always the case. You see my past consisted
of me being consumed in addiction and this was wreaking destruction on me and especially my children. This was
a hopeless situation for all of us. The life-controlling issues that come with addictions don’t just hurt those who are
trapped in this lifestyle, but have a ripple effect that negatively touches every person in the addict’s life. I was lost,
broken and stripped from being able to properly care for my children. By the grace of God, an intervention came
about and my children were taken into custody by Child Protective Services as wards of Washington State. I was
scared and headed straight for depression. Then the miracle happened. Family, friends, and Child Protective Services
invited me to a family planning meeting. The decision was made to place my children at the Hutton settlement.

Shortly thereafter, I made the life choice to enter Adult and Teen Challenge, a long-term faith-based recovery program
where I have been set free from my addictions. I learned the skills to be a productive member in the community
and how to apply biblical principles to my life, becoming a father my children have come to love and respect. God
opened my eyes to the amazing love and care a family like Hutton provides to children that are in desperate need.
When my children arrived at Hutton they had seen plenty of misfortune and had experienced way more dysfunction
then I even would like to admit. Yet, the journey began and Hutton started building structure into their lives. All
the while I was in constant communication with the Director of Children and Family Services and houseparents
in efforts to build strong relationships with not just my children, but with the very people who where caring for them.

Hutton has been the pivotal part for the reconciliation of my relationships with my children. Hutton has proved that
a child’s life can never have enough love. I have become part of a greater family unit. Over time, I have built strong
relationships with the houseparents and staff and Hutton has extended an open door for me as part of the family. I am
able to spend time with my children at events and holidays such as the yearly harvest, Christmas at Hutton, birthdays
and get to have one on one time with them. I have been able to take my girls to events like Bloomsday and I take the
boys fishing. We spend quality time together and they even come for overnighters with me in my apartment. Hutton’s
years of experience and solid foundation continue to fine tune my outlook of what real parenting is and together we
reap the results of doing so, and I love it.

My children are involved in many different activities that challenge them and offer them the opportunity to grow and mature into responsible young people. It brings me great joy as I watch my children playing sports and participating in school programs and other activities. The care and structure that Hutton provides is real and has my children’s best interest at heart. When situations arise in my childrens’ lives, which they do, I get a phone call and am advised of what is going on. I am part of the decision making process in the affairs of my children, reassuring me of my fatherhood. Hutton includes me, helping me to grow into becoming a better father.

I can’t thank Hutton enough for all they have done to aid in my becoming a good father and caring for my children.
The love, guidance and nurturing my children have experienced there has been paramount to teaching them what a
stable family setting can be. Through Hutton, my children have truly been able to experience their childhood and this is
evident every moment that I spend with them. Their happiness, joy and contentment are impossible to hide.