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20 Jul A look at the 100-year history of The Hutton Settlement: Establishing a tradition of supporting children

By Katherine Barner, KHQJuly 20, 2019For full video of photo archives, visit: For the past 100 years, the Hutton Settlement has provided hope, opportunity and life to children in Spokane.   Its strong tradition began years before the home was opened in 1919.   Founder Levi William Hutton was...

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19 Jul Hutton Settlement kicks off centennial celebration with officials, alums, Babe Ruth’s granddaughter

By Jonathan 459-5013 It’s been 91 years since Levi William “L.W.” Hutton last visited his century-old children’s home in Spokane Valley. But after Friday’s centennial celebration, in which the bright, bronze statue depicting the late philanthropist was unveiled to the world, you might say he has...

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