Students learn about government

31 Jan Students Participate in ‘Know Your Government’

On Monday, January 31st, seven Hutton students met to participate in the program called, “Know Your Government”. They have been learning about the branches of the government, law, the process of debate and much more. The series culminates in a trip to Olympia to participate in a mock trial.

At this particular meeting, Superior Court Judge Ray Clary talked to the students about the process of becoming a judge, the steps in a court case and the differences between civic and criminal court cases. Judge Clary lived at the Morning Star Boy’s Ranch as a child, so he was able to share with the youth his story of growing up and wanting to give back by helping others – as his family was helped so much growing up.

Students learning about governmentOne of his memorable quotes from the night – “Always be persuasive, not argumentative”. He taught the children that people are more likely to listen to someone telling a persuasive story over someone arguing in people’s faces. He helped prepare them for what to expect at their mock trials and told them that preparation and focusing on a theme (more than plain facts) is key.

Students also heard from Jim Rigsby, retired school teacher and counselor. He had sat on a jury for a high profile case at one time and was able to talk about the process of jury selection and the honor it is to be called to serve. Mr. Rigsby also had a questionnaire for the children to answer, quizzing what they knew about the process.

Students learn about government

The students asked many thoughtful questions throughout the meeting and actively listened and participated in the process.

The evening finished off with the students learning more about the positions they may hold at trial in Olympia (Jury, Lawyer, etc.) and preparing for their trip in February.

We truly have some incredible children at Hutton! Stay tuned for the stories from their trip to Olympia!


Students learn about government

Preparing for Mock Trial in Olympia